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Artwork Collage of some paintings by Anu Puri
Artwork Collage of some paintings by Anu Puri

Anu Puri

As a self-taught artist, Anu's journey began with a keen interest in artworks by the great masters like Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Raphael etc. Uncountable visits to her college library, where she read books on history of art, developed her connection with oil-painting. She started making represented works of the old masters. Years after leaving college and living as a house wife, she surrendered to her creeative side and restarted as a painter. She quickly discovered that she is happiest and most fulfilled when she is painting.

A nature-lover at heart, she chose to settle with a theme of floral paintings. Her love for gardening enhanced her passion for this theme. It seemed like a natural process. She feels emotionally overwhelmed, excited, totally inspired and glad to paint florals. Loving what you do really does make your life grand, does it not?

Sometimes, she also paints serene woman and mostly combine these woman with the flowers to create a joyful view.

Her technique is making many layers of color in controlled movements that help her create unconventional style of a blend of realistic & impressionistic art. Her strokes have become quite detailed yet intuitive. Following rules & sometimes breaking them brings out something picturesque. This is more obvious when viewing her work in person rather than on a computer screen as the minute details cannot appear in a picture.

She has participated in many exhibitions in Ludhiana, Delhi, Mumbai & Dubai.

Born with a natural instinct for learning, she is now learning about figurative art as she plans to include that in her cart. In her endeavors to do the best she did an online course on Gesture Drawing with US based renowned artist Brent Eviston.

Her goal as a painter is to bring the overwhelming beauty of the nature from the outside, into our living space. She makes a humble effort to immortalize the beauty of nature on her canvas. She wants her paintings to create an aura of positive, soothing vibes around the surrounding space so that they become powerful enough to heal and nurture anyone emotionally, spiritually and psychologically, in the most natural way.

Currently she is learning online from UK based Natalie Richy of Old Masters Academy...Hoping to bring more & more beautiful art that many can relate to, she carries on!

May 2023 : Fragrances Edition 2, New Friends Colony, New Delhi
May 2023 : Mumbai Art Fair, Nehru Centre, World, Mumbai
April 2023 : SidB Art Exhibition Centre, Greater Kailash - 1, New Delhi
Feb 2023 : Tanam Studio, Ludhiana
December 2022 : Suan Artland Gallery, Dubai
October 2022 : Fragrances, Ludhiana, India.
March 2022 : Group Show, Shereton, New Delhi, India.
January 2021 : International Group Exhibition, BAG, UP, India.
March 2020 : Solo Exhibition, Pavillion Mall, Ludhiana, India.
Feb 2020 : Group Exhibition, Ludhiana.
Feb 2020 : Solo Exhibition, Ludhiana.
April 2019 : Group Exhibition at World Art Dubai, Dubai.
March 2019 : Group exhibition at DD Neroy Gallery, Mumbai.
October 2018 : Group show in Mumbai Art Fair.
October 2017 : Solo show in Ludhiana.
April 2016 : Solo show in Ludhiana.
May 2016 : Solo show at Artizen Art Gallery, New Delhi.
October 2015 : Solo show in Ludhiana.
May 2015 : Solo show in Ludhiana.
February 2015 : Group show in Ludhiana.
February 2015 : Group show at Artizen Art Gallery, New Delhi.
December 2014 : Group exhibition at 3rd Delhi International Film Festival, New Delhi.
November 2014 : Group show at IREO Art Beat in Ludhiana.
September 2014 : First group exhibition in Ludhiana.
September 2010 : Second solo exhibition in Ludhiana.
August 2009 : First solo exhibition in Ludhiana.

  • Currently one of her artworks has been on display for a virtual International Art Show with Bindaas Art Gallery in which nearly 2000 artists had participated. The exhibition will continue till 31st January 2021.
  • Another work was selected for The Healing Power of Art & Artists 50th Anniversary Exhibition by Manhattan Art International of US.
  • For another work she received a Certificate of Honor for Top 50 selected paintings on ninth annual competition organized by BAG gallery.
  • One of her paintings received a second prize in an international art contest organized by Art Ellipse Gallery.

  • Galleries that Represent her art
    Masha Arts Gurgaon
    D D Neroy Gallery Mumbai

    Mexican Kitchen (49"x33")

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    To see the paintings, please select a category below

    Innocent Glory (24"x24")
    Fascination 20" Tondo
    Joyous Dazzle 20" Tondo
    Nature's Jewels (30"x36")
    Limitless (24"x36")
    Splendor (24"x24")
    Pure (24"x24")
    Amethyst (36"x24")
    Celestial Bliss (36"x36")
    A Bunch of Roses (36"x12")
    The Blossoming Love (24"x24")
    Golden white 20" round Oil on canvas
    Blissful (16" diameters)
    The Blushing Roses (40"x40")
    Fiery Dazzle (20" diameter)
    Radiant Love (20" diameter)
    Joyful essence (20"x30")
    Song of Life (20"x30")
    Ray of Hope (18"x24")
    Sunrise (18"x24")
    Serene (18"x24")
    Timeless Beauty (22"x30")
    The Mesmerizing Realm (36"x48")
    Flames of Light (18" diameter)
    Oil on canvas, pasted on board
    Serenity is Here (24" diameter)
    Oil on canvas, pasted on board
    Ephemeral (36"x24")
    Within the Woods (23"x38")
    Darling Dahlia's (36"x18")
    Peach and White Silk (32"x40")
    Permanance (18"x18") each
    The Clinging Beauty (24"x32")
    Water Lillies (28"x20")
    Contentment (40"x40")
    Simple Grace (23"x14")
    Amazing Grace (15"x36")
    Bliss (17"x48")
    Spring Splendor(60"x20")
    Lotus Pond 1 (27"x31")
    Twin Beauty (23"x33")
    Embrosia (48"x15")
    Poppy Field (39"x30")
    Heavenly Bliss (31"x31")
    Pink Beauty (22"x30")
    Lotus Pond 2 (25"x27")
    Lotus Pond 3 (25"x27")
    Exotica (32"x32")
    Blush (16"x20")
    Joyful Times 3 (16" x 10")
    Beautiful Thought (28"x28")
    Nectar Of Beauty (32"x38")
    Love Blooms (19"x35")
    Tender (24" diameter)
    Oil on canvas, pasted on board
    Gold Swimmers (18" diameter)
    Plumerian Bliss (18" diameter)
    Oil on canvas, pasted on board
    Birds Of Paradise (21"x30")
    Exotics (21"x30")
    Tripytch Succulents (15"x20") each
    Pink Beauty 1
    Pink Beauty 2
    Royal Blue (31"x24")
    Orange Bliss (30"x24")
    Floral Bliss(60"x20")
    Fiery Beauty (18"x24")
    Fountain Of Beauty (20"x60")
    Lily (45"x35")
    Dancing Feathers 12" round
    Spring Song(12" x 12")
    Summer Song 2 10"x10"
    Summer Song 10"x10"
    Infinity 12" round
    Natures Jewels 12"round
    Blissful 12" round
    Tulips 2 (10"x8")
    Tulips (8"x10")
    Little Daffodils (10"x12")
    Golden Lilies (10"x12")
    White Lilies (10"x12")
    Pink Lilies (10"x12")
    Purple Satin (12"x12")
    Radiance (12"x12")
    Exotic Whites 1 (12"x12")
    Exotic Whites 2 (12"x12")
    Joyful Times 1 (10" x 16")
    Joyful Times 2 (10" x 16")
    Water Babies 1 (12" x 12")
    Small Wonder 4 (8"x8")
    Angel Blooms 1 (12"x12")
    Sweet Blooms (12"x12")
    Water Babies 2 (12" x 12")
    Perfect Love (12"x12")
    Pure Peace (12"x12")
    Royal (12"x12")
    Royal Gold (12"x12")
    Love Lily (12" diameter)
    Angel Blooms 2 (12"x12")
    Trailing Petunias (12"x12")
    Romance (12" diameter)
    Anemone (12" diameter)
    Grace 1 (12"x12")
    Grace 2 (12"x12")
    Spring Beauty 1 (12"x12")
    Small Wonder 1 (12"x12")
    Small Wonder 2 (12"x12")
    Small Wonder 3 (12"x12")
    Spring Beauty 1 (12"x12")
    Blissful Exuberance (48"x36")
    A Touch of Grace (30"x36")
    Grace (30"x42")
    Mother And Child (42"x42")
    Geisha (32"x42")
    Reflections (20"x30")
    Sunshine (10"x12")
    Untamed (46"x22")

    Baila (32"x42")
    Passion (22"x30")
    Angel (32"x38")
    Manifestation (30"x36")
    Lady On Steps (30"x36")
    Awakening Of Soul 2 (32"x42")
    Awakening Of Soul
    Dancing Rhapsody (32"x40")
    Lotus Dreams
    The Gentle Touch (40"x32")
    Daybreak (10"x12")
    Divinity 1 (12"x12")
    Birds of paradise 1 (12" diameter)
    Birds of paradise 2 (12" diameter)
    Divinity 2 (12"x12")
    Mexican Kitchen (49"x33")

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